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Aiff to MP3 Converter

AIFF MP3 Converter is an useful and handy application which allows converting audio files in aiff format to the files of mp3 format. The standard extentions for the files that are to be converted are .aif, .aiff and aifc. This converter is capable of encoding the mp3 sound files with a vast number of different parametres, for example the frequency circuit, bitrate variability and dynamic range. In that way using AIFF to MP3 Converter you have the opportinity to reform the lagre aiff files to the compact mp3 ones which are way more convenient to being transmitted quickly.

AIFF to MP3 Converter also gives the possibility to add different ags to the mp3 files of the user as well as change their sound volume. An important feature of ths application is the ability to use the batch converting function. In that way you may have the processes of converting several files being carried out simultaneously.

This software is compact and won't require much resource of the user's system. It can be run straightforward. All you need to start converting your files is to download the file containing the program and install it onto your computer. As the file is small this process won't take you more than a couple of minutes. After the installation is completed you may run AIFF to MP3 Converter and begin the usage.

This application is quite easy to operate thanks to its user-friendly interface which will make the process of convertation simple and rapid. So even if you consider yourself to be an average or basic user the usage of this program won't seem to be complicated for you at all.

Besides the program is compatible with the most popular Windows OS versions such as 2000, 2003, Vista and Windows 7. That makes the usage of this applisation available to a wide range of users.

AIFF to MP3 Converter installation file is guaranteed to be free from any kind of malicious content and is totally safe for being downloaded and run.

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Q: Is this program easy-to-use for an unexperienced computer user?

A: AIFF to MP3 Converter is aimed to meet the demands of all user categories including the basic computer users. You will be surprised by its simplicity maintained by its user-friendly interfce. Unlike the other applications in which the complication navigation system horrifies the unexperienced users AIFF to MP3 Converter is easy to be operated intuitively. The clear icons make the process of usage extremely simple.

Q: Will it be possible to run this software if I'm a Windows XP User?

A: Yes, because this convenient converter doesn't conflict with the following Windows OS Versions: XP, 2000, 2003, Vista and 7. This makes it possible to be used by all the Windows users.